Do you have a storefront?  We are an on-line cupcakery and deliver directly to homes, offices and events.  Over the summer and early fall, we do fairs and festivals. Check in -occasionally on our "Where To Find Us Local" tab.

How are your cupcakes different from store bought and bakeries? They taste fresh, moist and the frosting, even for people who don't like frosting, is really, really good. They do not taste anything like what you would find in a grocery store, or other bakeries. It is the time tested recipes, proprietary blends and choices of ingredients that make the difference. We are a very small business and bake in small batches fresh for orders and that makes a big difference too.

Do you make gluten-free cupcakes?  No we do not make gluten-free cupcakes or cake. This requires ovens and equipment solely dedicated to gluten-free baking. Whole Foods has GF cupcakes in their freezer section!

Are your cupcakes nut-free? Our cake and cupcakes have no actual nuts in them, however we do label with a warning that there may be trace elements of nuts or tree nuts due to certain items we use and where they are manufactured. A person who is allergic to nuts or peanuts or who has any other food allergies should not eat our products as a precaution. 

Do you take credit and debit cards? Yes we take all major credit and debit cards! You can order cupcakes on-line with a secure credit card system that uses PayPal but you don't have to have a Paypal account to purchase. For weddings, events, and custom orders, we can place a one-time use cart item on under the "Private Orders" tab.  At farmers markets and festivals, we use a smartphone swiper to take cards!  No minimum purchase necessary. 

Can you customize the cupcakes? We can tint our vanilla buttercream lightly to match your color scheme, and we can add custom garnishing or home made picks at your request for a small additional cost. If you see something online you'd like us to place on your cake or cupcakes, we can order them for you with enough time, and add the cost into your order. 

Can I receive a tasting for my wedding? Yes, we will deliver samples to your home or office! If you would like to meet and talk about your event, we can arrange a time around your schedule at a local coffee shop or library.

Do you bring all the displays? For weddings, events, and some parties, we bring an assortment of racks and stands, flowers, props, etc.  Since many of our customers seek our services for country style, we tend to have more country style displays available. Usually for local, small parties, we can lend a rack or two. For larger events and weddings, there is a charge for a full set up with many racks and stands.

Do you advertise? We thankfully don't need to at this time!  From time to time you may see an announcement on Talk About Groton, NextDoor, or FaceBook.  

If you have any further questions please email or text 978-857-4769

Thanks for reading!

Sarah Abrahamsen, Baker/Owner

We love simple, country style!

We'll design a beautiful display for your wedding, event, or family party! 

Love is in the air! Plan for your fall or winter rustic style wedding!



We've got delicious and beautiful Rose Swirl cakes! Our 6" and  8" round 3-layer make your buffet look fabulous! Now in chocolate with delicious light and fluffy chocolate buttercream!

ServSafe certified, licensed, insured, CORI'd