There's a reason why our customers have stayed with us since opening in 2010! They can't find another cupcake that their guests love more!  

How are they different from other stores and bakeries?  Since they are made fresh for your order, they taste very fresh. They are always moist, and sweet but not too sweet.  Common comments from our customers are: "I never really liked cake before I had yours",  "I used to scrape off the frosting, but not with yours", and "these are not like store bought cupcakes".   

Every season our menu changes and includes customer favorites.  Cupcakes are currently priced at $2.75 per cupcake ($33.00 per dozen) and for Pull-Apart Cakes, they are $3.00-$4.00 per cupcake depending on the design requested. 

We love simple, country style!



NEW! Chocolate Cookies & Cream Cake!