Spring & Summer Menu

Vanilla Dream:  Proprietary blend of vanillas make this a dreamy vanilla cupcake, topped with pure vanilla buttercream  (Can also come with chocolate buttercream)

Classic Chocolate: Delicious, moist, classic chocolate cake with pure vanilla buttercream

Chocolate/Chocolate: Our delicious classic chocolate cake topped with light and fluffy pure chocolate buttercream

Country Confetti:  Our delicious vanilla cake baked with rainbow sprinkles, topped with vanilla buttercream and more rainbow sprinkles

Raspberry: Vanilla or chocolate cupcake topped with raspberry buttercream, and a fresh raspberry.

Chocolate-Caramel Drizzles: Chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream, drizzled in hot fudge,and caramel. 

Red Velvet: Delicious red velvet cake smothered in vanilla cream cheese frosting, sprinkled in red velvet cake crumbles

Lemon: Moist sweety and tangy lemon cake drizzled in lemon glaze, topped with vanilla buttercream and a lemon cookie garnish

Strawberry:  Pink strawberry cake topped with vanilla buttercream, topped with fresh strawberry

Coconut: Vanilla or chocolate cupcake topped with coconut flavored vanilla buttercream, hand pressed in sweetened shredded coconut 

Please order at least 6 of each flavor!

We love simple, country style!



NEW! Chocolate Cookies & Cream Cake!